"The word Wizard refers to an Avatar Master who has acquired such an understanding and command over creation that his or her abilities appear magical or supernatural."

–Harry Palmer


Listen to an audio recording of a talk given by Harry Palmer to a group of students attending The Avatar® Master Course on December 6, 2003.

The 2015 Avatar Wizard Course • February 3-15, 2015


Please note:
The 2015 Wizard Course will start on Tuesday, February 3 and will end on Sunday, February 15.


A Message from Harry

The Wizard materials are a study of the processes and techniques for deliberately modifying the collective creation called civilization.

If you think of the collective consciousness on this planet as very agitated water, muddied with lots of waves, lots of motion, currents, eddies, forces, and tides of desire and resistance, and now every time that you create an Avatar or every time you seek inner peace and come to the present, you create a stillness in this muddied consciousness, and it begins to settle out.

When there are enough of us and we’re sufficiently still, every being, every aspect of the collective consciousness will see with clarity what we’re evolving toward. The Tao will be apparent to all.

The Avatar Wizard Course gently guides you into the deepest regions of consciousness. You travel through the labyrinth of confusion and indoctrination that generally passes for waking consciousness. You journey on to the regions of mind and subtle perceptions into the core of identities. Along the way you free awareness from forgotten, neglected, and resisted issues that undermine your power and confidence. Finally you arrive at the abode of inexhaustible self – the Wizard-self.

At the foundation of consciousness, face-to-face with the divine, you find the nature that all share, the nature that, independent of any political intrigue, can change the world.

"There is no other way to say it," said a recent student, "THIS IS IT!"

Buckle your spiritual seat belt!

–Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials


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